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Details of different Welfare Schemes launched by Orissa State Bar Council ::

The main objective of the said fund is to provide the following benefits.
Assistance to affiliate Bar associations for library
Assistance to indigent and disabled advocates for medical treatment.

1. Seminars

In order to avail aforesaid medical assistance one time of Rs. 3000/-is to be paid at the time of enrolment and such payment is made mandatory for those who have applied for enrollment with effect from 1.5.1988. However the advocates those who are enrolled prior to 1.5.1988are not members under the above schemes. They may avail the benefit by paying Rs. 1000/-under the advocates’ welfare scheme. The last date for such payment is 31st march 2009.
Under the above scheme, financial assistance up to maximum of Rs 15000/- is given on medical ground in case of serious diseases like heart, kidney & cancer.


Introduced in the year 1984.
Mandatory for all who apply for enrolment within the age group of 60.
Assured sum of benefit Rs 10,000(in normal death)
Rs.20, 000 (in accidental death)
Rs. 250 were the premium for life.


IN the year 1988 the above group insurance scheme-I was modified and benefit was enhanced as below.
Assured sum of benefit Rs 20,000(in normal death)
Rs.40,000 (In accidental death)
Rs.500 was the premium for life
Advocates who were previously members under group insurance scheme-I could have opted to be members under group insurance scheme-iii by paying the differential amount. The scheme (group insurance scheme (ii) continued till 31.12.1991after which the same was substituted by Advocates welfare-cum-death benefit scheme. In the year 1.1.1999the benefit under the said scheme was enhanced from Rs60, 000to Rs 1, 00,000 on payment of premium money.

(C) Advocates welfare cum- death benefit scheme

In the year 1992 the advocates-welfare-cum death benefit scheme was introduced. The amount of benefit is Rs 60,000 in case of any type of death. It is mandatory for all who apply for enrollment with effect from 1.1.1992. Beneficiaries availing pension (either from govt. or any other source) are not eligible to be member under the said scheme. One time premium was to be paid age wise and the same is given hereunder.
Rs. 1,000 within the age of 40 years.
Rs. 1,500 from the age of 40 years to 50years.
Rs. 2,000 from the age of 50 years to 60 years
Rs.2, 500 from the age of 60 years to 70 years.
RS.3, 000 at the age of 70 years onwards.

3. Orissa State Bar Council


Advocates welfare pension /

Family pension &death benefit scheme.

Introduced in the year 28th Nov.2006,

Fees payable under the scheme is as follows:


Fees under the scheme:-


Group ‘A’:- Rs 400 quarterly,or

                   Rs 1600/- early for thirty years,or

                   Rs 20000 one time

If your ge is within 30 years of age on the date of admission into the scheme.


Group ‘B’:- Rs 500 quarterly or 

                  Rs 20000 yearly for 25 years, or

                  Rs 25000 onetime

If your age is within 30 to 35 years of age on the date of admission into the scheme.


Group ‘C’ :- Rs 650 quarterly or

                    Rs 2600 yearly for 20 years or

                    Rs 30000 one time

If your age is within 35 to 40 years of age on the date of admission in to the scheme.


Group ‘D’:- Rs 900 quarterly or

                   Rs 3600 yearly for 15 years or

                   Rs 40000 one time 

If your age is within 40 to 45 years of age on the Date of admission in to the scheme.


Group ‘E’:- Rs1250 quarterly or

                  Rs 5000 yearly for 11 years, or

                  Rs 50000 one time

If your age is within 45 to 50 years of age on the date of admission in to the scheme.


Group ‘F’:- Rs 1500 quarterly or

                  Rs 6000 yearly for 10 years or

                  Rs 50000 ONE TIME

If your age is within 50 to 55 years of age on the date of admission in to the scheme.





Every A DVOCATE ENROLLED UNDER THE ROLE OF STATE Bar council shall pay a subscription of Rs.

100per year of rs 1000 as life time subscription. The said collection shall be kept in fixed deposit by state bar council in order to be utilised for the welfare the advocates.

At present financial assistance up to maximum of Rs 5000 to rs 10000 is given to the indigent and disabled advocates on medical ground in case of serious ailment like heart kidney and cancer.

The payment under rule -40 ch-II part VI of the bar council of India rules is statuary one & hence mandatory. If any Advocate fails to pay the aforesaid sum within prescribed time as provide under rule -40 his right to practice may be suspended by an order pessed by a committee or three members (rule-42,ch,II PART Viof the bar councils of India rules.


Subscription per year                     life time                               financial assistance

01.04.1984 Rs. 10                              rs 100                                    rs 1500 maximum

01.04.1993 rs .30                               rs 300                                    rs 3000 maimum

01.04.2001 rs 100                              rs 600                                    rs 5000 maximum

01.10.2006 rs 100                              rs 1000                                  rs 5000 to rs 10000


N.B.: it is found that large numberas of advocates have defaulted in the payment of the above said subscription under rule 40 of bar council of India rules . Letters of request are being sent to them individually for early compliance fallinag which the three members committee of BCI WILL BE COMPELLED TO TAKE CORESIVE ACTION IN CONNECTION WITH THE RIGHT TO PRAC TICE OF DEFAULTED LAWYERS.




Under the advocate welfare fund act 1987 the advocates welfare fund has been constituwed in order to provide retirements and other benefits to the advocates.


Annual subscription                                                        LIFETIME                                              benefit

Advocates of 5 years standing                                        rs 3000                                               rs 90000for 30 years  of practice @ rs 3000 per annum

Advocates more than 5years of standing

But less than 15 years                                                        rs 3000                                                  -do-

Advocates more than 15 years of standing -rs 200          rs 3000                                                  -do-

Mandatory for all who apply for enrolment.


Those who were getting pension benefits are not eligible to avail the membership under the above scheme.

N.B.: ADVOCATES WHO ARE MEMBERS under the advocates welfare fund trust are required to pay their annual subscription on or before 30th June of every year falling which he or she shall be liable to be removed from the membership of the fund.

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